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 +======Upgrading from 4.5.x======
 +Upgrading from VHFFS 4.5.x is pretty easy:
 +  - Backup the VHFFS database using the PostgreSQL ''​pg_dump''​ tool.
 +  - If you wish you can shut down the panel by setting the ''​open''​ directive in the ''​panel''​ section of the vhffs.conf file to ''​no''​. You can also shut down the VHFFS bots crons.
 +  - Install the VHFFS release over the previous files using the [[basic-install|standard install procedure]].
 +  - In the VHFFS source tree, under the ''​vhffs-compat''​ folder, you'll find a file named ''​from-4.5-to-4.6.sql''​ that contains all the SQL queries to upgrade the VHFFS database, use the ''​psql''​ client to source this file.
 +  - Restart all processes that use the VHFFS API or the VHFFS PostgreSQL database.
 +  - Then open back the panel and bots.
 +  - If something is not working properly, please read this install documentation to find out why.
 +Anyway, we will help you if you encounter problems and will be happy to update this documentation. Just follow the [[:​support|support reference]] if necessary.
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