Upgrading from 4.5.x

Upgrading from VHFFS 4.5.x is pretty easy:

  1. Backup the VHFFS database using the PostgreSQL pg_dump tool.
  2. If you wish you can shut down the panel by setting the open directive in the panel section of the vhffs.conf file to no. You can also shut down the VHFFS bots crons.
  3. Install the VHFFS release over the previous files using the standard install procedure.
  4. In the VHFFS source tree, under the vhffs-compat folder, you'll find a file named from-4.5-to-4.6.sql that contains all the SQL queries to upgrade the VHFFS database, use the psql client to source this file.
  5. Restart all processes that use the VHFFS API or the VHFFS PostgreSQL database.
  6. Then open back the panel and bots.
  7. If something is not working properly, please read this install documentation to find out why.

Anyway, we will help you if you encounter problems and will be happy to update this documentation. Just follow the support reference if necessary.

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