VHFFS Configuration file

Once you have configured your PostgreSQL database, you can configure your main VHFFS config file. You need it on each host (if you want a multiple host VHFFS platform). You should analyze exactly your architecture and define the job done by each host: one can run the panel, a second can be used as a webserver, a third as a mail server, etc.

The main config file is located in /etc/vhffs/vhffs.conf.

On a brand new installation, you will find two files (.conf et .conf.dist). You need to modify only the vhffs.conf file, the other will be overwritten during the update process.

Default directory for vhffs data is:
# The directory where you store ALL data
datadir = /data

If you change this, please do remember to change it also in other config files, as others software use this path to get the vhffs data, like apache2, suphp and vhost hash, exim4 and courier.

The most important change is about the <database/> section, you have to set the credentials to the PostgreSQL database you created before for VHFFS. If you get the following, it means that VHFFS base is correctly installed as well as the link to the VHFFS database.

# /usr/lib/vhffs/bots/user.pl 
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