Todo list

This is the todo list for vhffs developments

  • verify that vhffs-book is in svn (not sure) and update it [0%] We need the sources first (or perhaps we could rewrite it from scratch using misric's experience)
  • insert logging levels into vhffs.log ([info] [warn] [debug] [error]) [0%]
  • improve navigation (no redirect on every action)
  • cleanup templates (use only Vhffs::Panel::* and light objects in templates, use tmpl_loop)
  • add unit testing [10%]
  • add multiple sql servers management for load balancing among a set of SQL servers
  • Bazaar integration
  • Improve the panel speed (too many modules loaded ?)
  • Renew the panel design (progress started by beuss)
  • Improve VHFFS modularity (e.g. the admins → statistics page may call methods related to non-enabled services).
  • Add a batch that generates a screenshot for each website hosted by VHFFS (expected features: websites shall be read from the database by a non-chrooted script while captures have to be made from a chrooted environment with a time limit)


  • add tag support for projects (see devtags for specifications)
  • add vhffs-cron , cron for groups, with a fairly good scheduler
  • verify commits with changes applied for [100%] (and other hosting services, patches welcome !) see installmisric
    • vhffs is continuously patched as is updated (makes smaller roll-out in production)
  • obfuscated mails in the archives of mailing-lists (will boost the service and avoid spam for users) [100%] cf.
  • for mailing-lists archives, still missing beautiful index (have a look at mailman perhaps for ML inscriptions) [100%]
  • suppress vhffs-robots/src/refused_* and do the job directly in objects [100%]
    • ⇒ add a way to know object type (by adding a type field to vhffs_object) [100%]
    • ⇒ by the way, modify refused mails subject to add object id and object name (servername, reponame, aso.) [100%]
  • change donate link of this wiki [100%]
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