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VHFFS 4.7.0 release notes

Not much to say, this page contains the VHFFS 4.6.0 ChangeLog.

  • bugfix: filter object state when moderating objects
  • switched from gitweb to cgit
  • updated viewvc configuration generator to latest viewvc trunk
  • updated phpPgAdmin patch against phpPgAdmin 5.1
  • ported PunBB patch to PunBB 1.4.4
  • ported AWStats patches to AWStats 7.2 and 7.5
  • panel is now sending a confirmation auth code for password change requests
  • public panel part now only display validated users
  • added a documentation link to ACL documentation in panel
  • improved listengine archive by adding a link to go back to archive indexes
  • bugfix: fixed cleartext box password in mail database upon box creation
  • panel is now displaying error with a red font
  • bugfix: fixed randomness in poller period of vhffscron
  • bugfix: fixed List-Id: field format in listengine
  • ported suPHP patchs to suPHP 0.7.2
  • bugfix: fix File::Path::make_path and File::Path::remove_tree error messages output
  • bugfix: propagate deletion error state from objects to the parent group
  • bugfix: dns: fix “Added a TXT record for prefix” history string
  • bugfix: mailinglist: properly remove mail localpart entry if mailing list is the last child left in localpart
  • compat: remove mail localpart with no child (the mailing list removal function forgot to remove the localpart entry if necessary)
  • switched VHFFS source code repository from Subversion to Git
  • patches: pure-ftpd: ported patches to pure-ftpd 1.0.43
  • patches: mysql: ported MySQL patches for MySQL 5.5.52
  • bugfix: prevent refuse_reason from vhffs_object table to be trashed out
  • add support for TLS certificates based on tools from the Let's Encrypt project
  • bugfix: try to guess mail encoding when appending mail signature
  • API: improve human friendliness of mails by adding firstname and lastname to the mail we send to or on behalf of VHFFS users
  • API: add support for pending moderation notification
  • API: DNS: improved AAAA records support
  • Panel,API: DNS: CNAME record is exclusive, add missing checks
  • public: fix mixed-content in pager when public part is running behind a https offloader
  • svn: add repository name as mail prefix on svn post-commit
  • fssync: fix segfault when a directory disappear before we had the time to watch it
  • git: updated post-receive hook with latest upstream of post-receive-email
  • listengine: fix subject output in moderation messages
  • mailinglist: improve mailing list public page
  • panel: dns: add domain zone export file compliant to RFC 1034 and RFC 1035
  • mail: added support for autoreplies
  • API: add global flag use_quota to enable use of quota
  • SCM: add option to have a default destination for commit mails
  • Panel: remove unnecessary maxlength attribute from password field
  • SCM: use sendmail instead of SMTP in commit mails
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