VHFFS 4.2.0 release notes

This page is a partial changelog and contains some interesting news on VHFFS 4.2.0.

VHFFS 4.1 was released 15 month ago (God bless Subversion) and there have been a huge work roughly 300 modification sets applied. Here come a summary of modifications. For those who follow vhffs-dev mailing-list (see Support) you may realize that the main user of vhffs - TuxFamily.org - simply uses the svn version as advertised at https://panel.tuxfamily.org or you may come by our IRC chan #vhffs to ask for current status.

  • show waiting time before each object on IRC ;
  • statistic data (mainly logs) cannot be read by other projects anymore ;
  • new Cron module allowing per project periodical tasks (not fully tested) ;
  • new newsletter module (mail sent to all opted-in hosted people) ;
  • projects can now be tagged, by users, moderator or admins (tag level access control availabel) ;
  • new public UI (http://projects.vhffs.org), using ajax but with full support under non javascript enabled browsers ;
  • fixed a bunch of bugs (see bugs.vhffs.org)
  • added some command line tools (need help to finish them!) ;
  • download repositories synchronization tools over network, to dispach uploaded content to download-servers, optimizing QoS (transparent, POSIX-compliant, small-files optimized) ;
  • media wiki auth plugin using VHFFS users database ;
  • global mailing list (for important announces);
  • GPG support in mails sent from the platform (moderation mail can be signed);
  • update of patches for software used by VHFFS (suphp, mysql, etc);
  • PostgreSQL 8.1 compatibility ;
  • Debian packaging ;
  • Possibility of captcha.
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